Albert Schweitzer’s philosophy was firmly rooted in action, and this fusion of thought and activity lies close to the heart of the Schweitzer Institute UK’s activities. It is one of the charity's chief concerns to “promote humane behaviour and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals”. We try to ensure that the existing legislation on animal welfare is adequate. This can take the form of parliamentary lobbying to raise animal welfare standards in the transportation of live animals across Europe, for example, or drawing attention to the realities of factory farming.  


But the circle of human compassion has to start with ourselves, in our families and in our towns, before it can extend outwards. That is why every month, we promote, highlight and raise support for an individual or organization that practices Reverence for Life by making a positive change in their local community. These outreach projects are one of the most rewarding aspects of all that we do. 


The Schweitzer Institute is registered with the Charity Commission as the Schweitzer Foundation UK (Charity 1187127)