Our recent activities

Every month, we throw our weight behind a different organisation or individual that is actively helping to make a positive change in the local community. Our 'Calls to Action' include the following:

September 2019: DogsTrust

In September, we organised a pub quiz at the Queen Vic in Rottingdean to raise funds for Kemptown's own DogsTrust team. 

August 2019: Mind in Brighton and Hove

In August, we partnered with the local Tesco store in Rottingdean, who got in touch with us after hearing about our 'Calls to Action' and suggested we band together to support Mind in Brighton & Hove, a mental health charity.

May-July 2019: Homelessness

This month, we decided to focus our attention on a single person, a young man named Liam who had been sleeping rough in the Newhaven area since mid-April. We attended several meetings with Lewes District Council on Liam's behalf, contacted numerous MPs and  ensured Liam gets all the support he needs.  

April 2019: StreetVet

To help raise awareness of their excellent work, the Schweitzer Institute organised a benefit concert for StreetVet, a local charity which provide medical aid to stray and homeless pets.  

March 2019: International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, we celebrated the life of Helene Bresslau Schweitzer (1879-1957), one of the first female students at the University of Strasbourg and co-founder of the Schweitzer Hospital in Lambarene.

February 2019: Sussex Homeless Support

This month, we've been raising money for Sussex Homeless Support (SHS), a local charity staffed entirely by volunteers.

As well as their weekly Street Kitchen at the Clock Tower every Sunday afternoon, SHS also run a night shelter bus for all those in need.

January 2019: #YouthStrike4Climate

In January, we joined the #YouthStrike4Climate march in Brighton and throughout the rest of the country. As one of the speakers succinctly put it, “We are not missing school because we don’t care about our education. We value an education that addresses our current crisis.”