On Friday 25th October this year, at the invitation of Dr James Carleton Paget (Peterhouse), the Schweitzer Institute UK will be holding a one-day seminar at Cambridge University. The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of Dr Schweitzer’s life and work, and to explore his relevance today. 

If you are interested in attending, complementary tickets can be pre-booked here:



Morning session
9.00: Registration at the Lubbock Room, Peterhouse. 
Coffee and tea will be served.

9.40: Welcome and Introduction by the Schweitzer Institute UK director, Benedict Rattigan.
9.45: Dr. James Carleton Paget: 
Albert Schweitzer and Cambridge University.”
10.00: Dr. Michael Thate: 
‘‘A Pauline Sensual Spell? Albert Schweitzer’s Eco-mysticism and the Present.”
10.45 Break

11.00 Prof. Mark Edwards: 
Writing and Amnesia: Some Quests for Jesus that Schweitzer Forgot.”
12.00 Prof. Predrag Cicovacki: 
Albert Schweitzer as an Intellectual.”
13.00 Lunch break


Afternoon session
14.00 Prof. Augustin Emane: 
"When Someone Dies, No One Cries for the Same Person: Albert Schweitzer from the African Perspective.”

15.00 Dr. Sean Duffy: 
Schweitzer’s 21st Century Environmental Legacy: Climate Change and Food Security on a U.S. University Campus.”
15.45 Break

16.00 Juliet Gellatley: 
Reverence for Life: the Consequences of Ignoring an Essential Philosophy for Farmed Animals, Wildlife and Us.
17.00 Max Brown: 
The Schweitzer Institute UK in 2019", followed by an open discussion.

Professor Christopher Rowland

Dr James Carleton Paget

Vreni Mark

Percy Mark